Hafslo Gjestehus

Hafslo Gjestehus was previously known as Hillestad Hotell and Hillestad Turistheim. The building was set up in 1948 and each completely renovated in 2001 and 2002. We have 6 apartments for rent. Each apartment has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Apartments can accommodate between 2 and 7 people.
The location of Hafslo Gjestehus is such that it overlooks Hafslovatnet, and there are many activities in the mountains and nature.


Hafslo is an ideal place for those who want to bring along many of the interesting Norwegian nature that can offer. It is close to both mountains and mountains, and in winter is Sogn Ski Center and a good springboard for great experiences.

Hafslo has a nice lake where you can fish trout in summer, and ski in winter if the ice has subsided. There are many nice trails and roads that are ideal for walking and cycling. There are many nice day trips in the area around Hafslo such as Urnes Stave Church, Breheimsenteret I Jostedalen, Sognefjellet and Bokbyen in Fjærland to name a few.

In the winter Hafslo boasts the country's longest ski runs, with many nice trails for cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.

You'll find us here

Hafslo Gjestehus is located just off Rv55, about 15 minutes by car from Sogndal.
You can also get here via Sognefjellet by car in the summer, or by ferry across the Sognefjord from Oslo or Bergen.
Contact info:
Phone +47 46 69 05 55
Hafslo Guesthouse
6869 Hafslo